Got spam that looks like it came from this site?

It sometimes happens that big platforms like streaming services or communities get hacked and at least the email adresses of users get leaked and then abused by scam bots to contact random people on their lists while impersonating that email adress.

If you got a weird mail from any email adress seemingly associated to this website and you didn't specifically request it, please make sure to check if the SPF Check of your email provider shows anything off. This is a security system that should be the standard in any online mail contact by now and every major service supports it. If you are using your own mail server, please consider setting up basic security features to prevent things like this in the future. If the email in question came from a mail server that is not approved by the set up SPF record to be allowed to actually send mails with adresses of this domain, there should be some kind of warning, if the receiving mail server didn't delete the mail without delivering it in the first place.

If you still question if the mail you received may be legit, please check for these things to make sure it was actually sent by an approved person:

If you are still unsure if you could trust the legitimacy of a mail, please don't hesitate to use the contact form on this website instead of replying to a potentially insecure mail or doing anything it wants you to.