About me

Hey! I am Alice, aka Parou

I am an Illustrator, Designer & Developer. After my initial work with vector illustrations, I finally decided to learn to draw near the end of 2018. It was then that I started to practice everyday and to already see lots of improvement. However, since I am still learning the basic principles of art and mostly practice traditionally, there aren't that many frequent updates to showcase currently.

My interest is focused on Digital Art, such as Vector Graphics and Digital Painting, as well as Traditional Art like Watercolors.

My current set of software includes Clip Studio Paint, ibisPaint & Affinity Designer.
On my laptop, I use a Huion Kamvas Pro 16 and for mobile & comfy painting, I use an Android Tablet with ibisPaint and a Disc Pen or Sonar Pen.




D&D Materials & Homebrew Alien RPG Materials & Homebrew


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